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making the wedding gown decision

30 Jul

i know i said i’d be away, but blogosphere: i wish i knew how to quit you.

so… i’ve made a decision on the gown. and i’m wearing the blue one. yeeeeee.

i took my sweet time deciding, because i can talk myself out of just about anything, as you can see from my list of initial reservations about it. i’m an analyzer. but even having questions in my mind like “will i regret not wearing white?,” and “will i be mortified in 20 years?,” it’ still feels like the most special article of clothing i’ve ever worn, and it just makes me very, very happy to think about and put on. and so, we have a clear winner.

things that helped me decide:

  1. you ladies and your effusive comments (thanks again!)
  2. reading all over the internets that blue gowns have been traditional since the middle ages, symbolizing fidelity between spouses and eternal love, and that that’s where the concept of wearing “something blue” comes from. also, that white gowns originally symbolized wealth (and not purity) is a bit of a turn-off… and really, i’m not looking to say anything about my monetary or hymenal status with my gown. but i do like the idea of blue being a message about my commitment to david, and his to me. he liked that idea as well.
  3. this sage piece of advice from an old friend: “i‘m all for what makes you feel most bride-ly, white or not. it should feel like the only dress you ever want to wear ever.” and it does feel that way.
  4. this post on offbeat bride about weddings being like a time capsule. i was concerned about whether or not i would look back on the photos and still think that i looked good, but ariel’s take on representing who you are NOW was really one of those obvious points that i really needed someone to say for me to get it. for instance, i love that my mom was rocking the hippie dress in her early 70s wedding, and that she wore what made her feel fabulous when she was 23. and that my dad had long hair and a handlebar mustache. too cool.
  5. that, when i finally got over the anxiety of showing my family, they flipped. the eff. out. in a wildly positive way. my mother is extremely supportive, but honest with me as well. she would tell me in a tactful and sensitive way if she didn’t love it, but she straight-up squee-d and said “oh, honey, this is YOUR dress.” i was an inch away from making the commitment, but having that reaction from the people who are dearest to me really sealed the deal.

answers to the questions i was asking myself:

  1. does it feel bridal? – yes! it’s so special. will everyone know i’m the bride? yes, because no on else will be wearing such a crazy, fabulous gown.
  2. will i be thrilled or embarassed when i see it in 10 years? 25? – who cares? i don’t know what i’ll like in the future. i may as well be ecstatic now.
  3. are the folds in the front too weird? what about how the overlay panels meet in the rear? – they are fabulous, and anyone who doesn’t think so can suck it.
  4. does it jibe with the venue? – i love it. royal blue could look kind of boss with the butter yellow walls, and we’ll make the decor work with it.
  5. do i like it better than the cheaper white gown i already have? – oh yes. i love this one, but didn’t connect with it in the same way that i have with the blue one. i’ve tried the blue one on multiple times, and i still want to put it on every time i think about it.
  6. will my grandma give me a hard time about it? – probably. when speaking to my mom last night, she said “you might want to warn your grandmother, so she’s not shocked on the day of. she might have no problem with it, but she’s old. old people can be conservative.” she’ll live.
  7. will daveed like it? – he hasn’t seen it, but i spoke to him about it last night. he doesn’t care what i wear, as long as i like it and feel good in it. love him.

so in conclusion, yay. and you know what? i’ll just wear a sassy little white dress to the rehearsal!



27 Jul


hey — i’m moving over the next week (from half of a house to a teensy studio, so you can imagine the air of “OMGWTFBBQ” that surrounds this experience), so i’ll be a little quiet, as far as posting and commenting is concerned until next monday.

sorry! miss you! bye!

as the flashes blinded us in the photobooth

22 Jul

this photobooth is maybe a little busier than i would opt for, but i love how it screams “EXUBERANCE!”

ACF13F3image via our labor of love, who make me wish that i were based in atlanta.

oh, shucks!

22 Jul

Picture 44

jessica over at foxy wedding gave my etsy store a lovely shoutout in her post on birdcage veils last week. i’m flattered! thanks for the feature, girl! check out the rest of her blog when you have a chance, it’s good reading.

the bridal garden, reviewed

22 Jul

so! i made it to the bridal garden on saturday. i neglected to take photos, because shopping here requires a fair bit of manual labor, and my hands were occupied the entire time. it’s a self-service salon, so while they greet you, show you where everything is located and open a dressing room for you, you’re on your own while combing through the dress racks, trying on the gowns and putting them back when you’re finished. (my friend rebecca and i had a few laughs, as she had to throw her body weight against the gowns on the rack to move them. it was a workout.)

the salon is located in a fairly small office, but it’s crammed full of gowns. the dresses all have prices and designers listed, though one of the first things the staff said to me was “don’t worry about the price–we’ll work with you if you find something you like.” they were very friendly, helpful when we needed it, but otherwise hands-off, which i loved. the standard hummingbird model of bridal customer service makes me uneasy… i don’t want to hear “you look great in that!” every time i say that something is nice. no one tried to assault me with a wedding veil here, which i really appreciated.

 roughly half of the room is devoted to sizes 2-8, and the other half to sizes above 8 (i didn’t catch how high the larger sizes go, as i’m on the low end of the smaller section–sorry!). sections are divvied up by style (strapless, strappy, sleeved), and are organized by silhouette, from slim- to full-skirted. there were also two separate sections; one was for a featured gown designer, and the other was for bargain gowns that were in the $500 range, though this section was inaccessible, because a large changing screen was placed directly in front of it.

as far as the quality of the stock went, it’s what you’d expect from samples that are tried on multiple times a day: there were many in good condition, a few in excellent condition, and a few that clearly needed cleaning or repair. there were none that struck me as unsalvageable, though i did see a bunch of gowns that most would classify as outdated. being a tall lady, i had the added challenge of trying on a few gowns that had been hemmed for a shorter woman, but there were still options that were long enough. i didn’t find anything that i loved, but i imagine that if you have the patience and time to make multiple visits and don’t expect your gown to have never been touched by human hands before, i bet you’ll eventually find something that works for you.

really, it’s like vintage shopping–it’s all about being there to find right thing at the right time.

and so, the dress deliberation continues, but i have a very good idea of what i want to do. some wisdom from very smart friends and fellow bloggers on making wedding decisions to come shortly.

wouldn’t this make the best city hall ceremony outfit?

20 Jul

check out the photo over at the sartorialist. the easy white dress, the feathered hat, the tiffany blue shoes and red accents… i love this ensemble. so chic!

tagged… 6 favorite things

20 Jul

thanks to anna and the ring and chic ‘n cheap for tagging me!

here are six of my favorite things:

1. david. obvious, but true. he’s 6 feet and 5 inches of awesome. i’ve never met anyone smarter, funnier, more caring or more handsome. i’m a very lucky lady. (photo of orlando bloom, because the first thing that my oldest and dearest friend anna said about him was “that man looks just like legolas!)


2. living in manhattan, which i’m about to do again, thanks to david. (YUH-HUH, we just found out on friday!) i’ve missed being able to be self-sufficient by foot. i don’t care if the apartments are tiny, or if we’re all living on top of each other. it’s a fast pace, but i love it.


3. puppies. the fluffier, the better. i can’t wait to get one, and train it incredibly well.


4. clothing. i could spend my life savings on clothing.

5. project runway. i think this is probably the best competition reality series on television (which isn’t saying much, in many cases, but roll with me on this one). i’ve watched the U.S. version, the british version, the canadian version and the australian version. i like television that’s about making things.

6. good graffiti. there was a street artist in nyc around 2004/2005 who is my favorite to this day–neckface. unfortunately, he was so good that he got an actual art career and stopped street tagging, for the most part. sadface.


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