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how to wear a birdcage veil when your hair is down

14 Aug

liz from chic on the cheap asked a great question about fitting birdcage veils:

hey lady. how does a girl get a birdcage veil to stay on if she’s wearing her hair down? i’m thinking about getting one for the reception.

you and i are in the same boat. i’m thinking about wearing my hair down as well, so i’ve given this some thought. there are a few ways to approach this:

1) match the volume of your birdcage veil to the volume of your hair. if you’ve got a huge headful of curls, go with something voluminous, or a flyaway veil; you don’t want to have triangle head, because your veil is squashing your hair.

birdcage veil for curly hairflyaway dotted birdcage veil by one little dove

if your hair is thin, go with something that fits closer to the head; it can be hard to keep a really pouffy birdcage veil anchored to fine/thin hair that’s not twisted and sprayed into an updo. my modern classic birdcage veil is a great choice for fine hair, as it it made to hug the face.

2) try a headband veil. it’s one of the easiest styles to wear, as you just pop it on and go. it gives you the look of a cap veil, which is worn over the top of the head, and secures with two combs next to the ears. the only problem is that when you wear medium-to-long hair down, the combs don’t have anything stationary to grab onto. the headband veil helps you get this look, without worrying about anchors.

3) look for a birdcage veil that attaches with two combs (see my three styles with two combs). veils with one comb don’t give you enough anchor points to the hair when it’s worn down. two-comb styles give you more options for positioning the veil, and a little added stability when your hair is loose and free.

4) if all else fails, use 4,000 bobby pins. for thicker hair, any kind will do, but for fine or thinning hair, scunci makes great curved bobby pins that really help hold veils to fine hair.

hope that helps! ladies, feel free to send me any other birdcage veil questions you have, and i’d be happy to help answer them.


oh my god, shoes.

6 Aug

Picture 60

if i weren’t wearing cobalt blue, sweet baby jesus, i’d be wearing these with my wedding gown. $110 on hautelook today. le sigh.

anna. i wish that they shipped overseas, because these puppies are calling your very magenta name.

a groomsmen gift that doesn’t suck

6 Aug

i’m back… sort of! moving was grueling — i will never, ever attempt to refinish three pieces of furniture in the week leading up to a move ever again. commuting is almost as hard, but it’s great to be coming home to manhattan again. it’s so reassuring to be inspired by my surroundings again. how can i complain? oh, wait. i have a whole blog about complaining. i’ll find a way.

daveed and i have been mainly preoccupied with unpacking (we actually have way less than we thought), rearranging, and getting settled into new routines (and for him, a new job), so we haven’t had a lot of time to discuss wedding stuff lately. but lunch breaks were made for wedding blogs, so i’ve been peeking in a little bit over the last week, and got a huge kick out of offbeat bride’s post on unexpected groomsmen gifts. my favorite? this hand grenade-shaped soap.


granted, soap isn’t the manliest thing to give to another man, but if you’re going that route, at least it isn’t shaped like a flower, or doesn’t come with a loofa. BOOSH.