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lovely write-up at chic on the cheap

24 Nov

photo by love me do photography

liz, the lady behind one of my favorite wedding blogs, chic on the cheap, just wrote up a very sweet post on the veil i whipped-up for her wedding 6 or so weeks back. what a darling! read it here, and have a look at the rest of her awesome and witty blog, while you’re at it.


random thoughts: november

24 Nov

-quitting your horrible job is amazing.

-taking a week off in between jobs is even better.

-catching a horrible cold/flu/sinus infection thing two days into aforementioned vacation: NOT AMAZING.

-note to self: kill jerk in movie theater who got me sick.

-starting a new job while you’re still half-dead from whatever affliction you have is not a great plan.

-starting a registry will help you feel better about this.

-sick again. next time, hassle a doctor about antibiotics for your sinus infection. hassle him good.

kellan studios (awesome photography team) is the shit.

-see also:

-see also: topazery, for some crazy awesome antique rings. i had a pretty lovely contemporary ring in mind that i’d found online, until i bumped into this site, and the 1940’s rings made my heart go all bump-bump, bump-bump.

-can you believe it’s almost christmukkah? BAH.

more to come. check in tomorrow, i’m thinking about a black friday/cyber monday promotion… let me know if you have any ideas.

awesome fascinator shots on

18 Nov

well, hello. i’m sick for the second time this month, so pardon my lack of posts. i’ve been busy boosting kleenex’s stock. thankfully, that didn’t stop amanda from ruffled and kelly and ryan from kellan studios from turning out some absolutely sick (in a good way) photos, featuring a few of my fascinators and some bridal makeup wizardry by kimara ahnert.

check out the rest and some great wedding day makeup tips and color suggestions on the post here.

gorgeous women wear my veils!

6 Nov

…seriously. ashleigh from ashleigh jayne photography contacted me recently to get her hands on a voluminous birdcage veil for a day-after session with one of her brides, and DAYUM. beautiful bride + beautiful photos = love.

Picture 10photos by ashleigh jayne photography