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feature on wishpot via chic ‘n cheap living

30 Jan

i know that the shameless self-promotion is probably getting awfully tiresome, but one of my favorite internet people, blogspot’s chic ‘n cheap living, just mentioned me in her wishpot list of great wedding items to put on your registry.

check out the post (which contains lots of great advice for those living in small apartments, or who don’t want to collect a lot of stuff) here, and make sure to drop by chic ‘n cheap living. it’s one of my favorites.

Advertisements wedded bits feature

28 Jan

one little dove featured on wedded bits 1/23/2010

…and the press keeps rolling in! i was featured on’s blog, wedded bits, this past saturday, and what a lovely little article! while i can’t say that i have a showroom (and i’m a dove, not a love), this was totally flattering and a joy to be featured in. and may it be noted that abbey feldkamp photography provided the lovely photo featured! be sure to check out her lovely work on her blog.

how to plan a wedding with a long engagement

19 Jan

david and i got engaged a little over two years ago. in some ways, we were ready to get married right away: we’d been together for five years, we’d agreed that marriage was in the cards for us for almost as long, and we were excited about making that commitment. in one way in particular, we were not: we were broke. like, knew-we-couldn’t-afford-a-wedding-for-three-years, broke.

i was excited to be engaged and start thinking about what our wedding would be like, but with it so far in the future and all of the wedding planning guides beginning at 12-18 months before the wedding day, i was kind of stumped as to where i could begin. here’s what i’ve learned, almost 2 and a half years later.


having an indefinite amount of time before i could make concrete plans was a really valuable thing: i had seemingly limitless time to research venues and vendors, wedding gowns and reception styles, without the pressure of a deadline looming. i spent a lot of time looking up possible venues in our area, and found some really interesting choices that wouldn’t have been obvious, had i been in a mad dash to book something right away just to secure a date. having a lot of time for research also gave me time to seek out some blogs that were more in line with our goals and budget for the wedding, which gave us plenty of ideas that were attainable and didn’t just make me feel broke and sad.

book early

in our research, we found out about our venue long before we booked it, and were able to grab our incredibly popular date (saturday of memorial day weekend) pretty far in advance. booking vendors early is one of the best things i can recommend–you get the pick of the litter, since few couples are looking to book as early as you are, and you often pay lower rates than those who book later. ever notice that most vendors raise their prices at the start of the year? take this as an opportunity to miss that price hike.

change your mind

our ideas about what our wedding should be like have changed quite a bit between getting engaged and actually planning the wedding. after lots of chatting, we’ve changed our mind about how to incorporate our wedding party: it went from “we don’t want to single anyone out and offend our friends who wouldn’t be included” to “let’s honor our favorite people and find a way to include everyone in another manner!” our changes of heart also ranged from how it should look, right down to who should marry us: a couple of months ago, it occurred to me to ask our mutual friend and mentor to be our officiant. this was 2 years into our engagement, and if we’d had a more traditional-length planning period, we probably would have missed out on this revelation and would be getting married by a stranger. while some of our changes were trivial, some–especially the ones that involve our friends and family–i think will have a big impact on how we experience the day.

learn a skill

i started making birdcage veils because we were broke, and i wanted to learn as many DIY skills as i possibly could to save money and inject a little creativity into the process. it just happened that in my experimentation, there was a marketable skill, and i opened my etsy shop shortly thereafter. granted, you probably won’t be great at everything you try (the jury’s out on if gocco and i were meant to be), but worst case, you burn a few dollars and a couple of hours; best case, you have fun, save money, add a personal touch, and who knows? maybe it’s something you could make a business out of someday.

start a blog

…or start networking. when you make yourself into a someone who has a voice in the wedding industry, you may become more just another bride to vendors; the dynamic of your relationship changes. i’m not saying that starting a blog, a shop or a twitter account is going to get you free stuff (though it’s possible, don’t enter your relationships with this in mind), but it may put you in a position where it would be mutually beneficial for a great vendor to work with you. getting to know people might open doors for you that would otherwise be closed, and last but certainly not least, you meet great people! who couldn’t use a few more great people in their lives?

those are my suggestions for what to do with a long engagement, whether you’re newly affianced or have been for some time and still have a ways to go. any other good suggestions out there?

oh snap! another etsy finds / storque feature today

11 Jan

alison & etsy storque editors: you’re effing great. thanks for featuring me again in today’s etsy finds: love odyssey! it feels wonderful to be showcased among such incredible etsy wedding talent.

that’s my voluminous birdcage veil (any color) right there — on the storque post, scroll down (right column, 3rd from the bottom) to see!

new products, and photoshoots, and planning, oh my!

10 Jan

happy new year! i realize that we’re ten days in, but it’s been a busy year already. i started work on my new collection for next month, which exciting–and the first few of those new pieces were photographed this morning in a shoot by the absolutely magical kellan studios, which will be shown on the bride’s cafe in the near future. i can’t wait, but i can tell you that the styling is going to be amazing–gorgeous dresses based on designs from the 50s and 60s, plus dotted veils, feather fascinators and loads of vintage style. it’s going to be great.

in other news, david and i are planning our own wedding! how did it get to be 2010 already? we recently booked the glorious heather of espana photography to document the day, and my planner extraordinaire (and martha stewart weddings alum) sister is helping out with planning some of the elements, which is a huge help. we tackled half of her great and exhaustive list  this evening(which i might share with you at some point, with her permission), finalized our budget, and worked out a color scheme, and it’s official: we should get married. we are pretty great at working with each other.

speaking of colors, i’m a color board novice, but here’s what we cobbled together from our inspiration sources.

pretty, no? the color ratios could change, but i think green, blue, yellow, royal and white are a pretty yummy combination.

image sources, from top left: a creative mint (top two), amazon, style me pretty (top right and below), brooklyn bride (bottom center and above).