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wedding lessons: spontaneity FTW

20 Jul

it’s the night before our wedding. i’m in the car with my bridesmaids, talking about the ceremony. d & i wrote it together; i say it’s beautiful, but not as silly as i’d originally envisioned it being. a few more “thee”s than i anticipated, and nary a mention of “no backsies.”

my friend rebecca, out of nowhere, says,

“how awesome would it be to have a kazoo chorus of ‘here comes the bride’ when you walk down the aisle?”

phone call to david. google-map party city on someone’s iphone. bam. done. ceremony perfected.

here comes the bride on kazoo

with so much this-is-your-day-exactly-like-you-planned-it floating around, big ups to playing it loose.


one little dove on

16 Jul

hey-o! my client and friend nora can be spotted on this week, sporting the one little dove voluminous birdcage veil and custom fascinator i made for her.

nora is a gorgeous girl and lori’s photos are stunning — go have a peek!

birdcage veil and feather hair clip

my wedding, featured on

14 Jul

well hello, strangers!

the photos from my wedding, shot by the amazingly talented and super sweet heather from espana photography and kelly from kellan studios, are featured today on take a gander, if you will, at my first attempt at a tulle wedding veil (and yes, i made it that morning).

tulle bridal veil

i’ve got to say thanks to my ladies here for talking me into the blue leanne marshall dress — i’m so glad that you did! love you. xo