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brides.com wedded bits feature

28 Jan

one little dove featured on brides.com wedded bits 1/23/2010

…and the press keeps rolling in! i was featured on brides.com’s blog, wedded bits, this past saturday, and what a lovely little article! while i can’t say that i have a showroom (and i’m a dove, not a love), this was totally flattering and a joy to be featured in. and may it be noted that abbey feldkamp photography provided the lovely photo featured! be sure to check out her lovely work on her blog.


12/14 feature on martha stewart

15 Dec

december has been good to me. exhibit d? my feathers & filigree fascinator was featured on martha stewart’s the bride’s guide blog yesterday, as a part of the giveaway i worked on with pip pip and all that. amazing! here’s hoping that january can compare.

be my friend on facebook

11 Dec

…i guess i should say “be my fan,” but that sounds so lame. let’s be friends.


pip pip & all that giveaway — don’t forget to enter

11 Dec

to add more fuel to a crazy and amazing week, the giveaway i’m doing this week with pippipandallthat.com got picked up by snippet & ink this morning. pretty awesome.┬áit ends on monday, 12/14/2009 at 5 PM EST — don’t forget to enter!

photos by kellan studios

the best etsy week ever

9 Dec

1) i was featured in etsy finds and the storque yesterday, in their “eskimo kiss” feature. I KNOW. that’s my fascinator in the upper-righthand corner.

i haven’t had a sale since the mail went out & the post went live, but google analytics and my etsy heart tally are both making me very happy.

2) i’ve been chosen to be one of twenty featured crafters at the wedding co‘s wedding show 2010 in toronto next month. it’s my first show, and i’m thrilled to be included! it runs from january 15-17th, and they’ll be giving away one of my fascinators on their blog, following the show. stay tuned for more details on that.

3) i’ve got a fascinator giveaway happening RIGHT NOW over at pip pip and all that! leave a comment on this post before 12/14 at 5PM EST to enter.

phew! it’s only wednesday, and it’s been a huge week. i love it!

lovely write-up at chic on the cheap

24 Nov

photo by love me do photography

liz, the lady behind one of my favorite wedding blogs, chic on the cheap, just wrote up a very sweet post on the veil i whipped-up for her wedding 6 or so weeks back. what a darling! read it here, and have a look at the rest of her awesome and witty blog, while you’re at it.

random thoughts: november

24 Nov

-quitting your horrible job is amazing.

-taking a week off in between jobs is even better.

-catching a horrible cold/flu/sinus infection thing two days into aforementioned vacation: NOT AMAZING.

-note to self: kill jerk in movie theater who got me sick.

-starting a new job while you’re still half-dead from whatever affliction you have is not a great plan.

-starting a registry will help you feel better about this.

-sick again. next time, hassle a doctor about antibiotics for your sinus infection. hassle him good.

kellan studios (awesome photography team) is the shit.

-see also: ruffledblog.com

-see also: topazery, for some crazy awesome antique rings. i had a pretty lovely contemporary ring in mind that i’d found online, until i bumped into this site, and the 1940’s rings made my heart go all bump-bump, bump-bump.

-can you believe it’s almost christmukkah? BAH.

more to come. check in tomorrow, i’m thinking about a black friday/cyber monday promotion… let me know if you have any ideas.